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The ultimate plug-and-play edge sensor of its kind designed to enhance your tactical awareness.


Powering real-time tactical awareness
FYNDER-Onyx-Kagwerks-Situational Awareness
FYNDER seamlessly integrates with a variety of wearable devices, allowing it to collect a wide range of sensor data - including inertial measurement and multi-axis positioning, with ties into a variety of available bio-metric sensors.

Seamless Integration

Integrates with any mobile device or can be used as a stand-alone wearable module.

Real-Time Tracking

Includes multiple cutting-edge integrated sensors for real-time tracking and monitoring.


Provides precise situational awareness with open SDKs for easy integration into TAK and other user-interface suites and apps.
FYNDER is designed to advance operational effectiveness by integrating intelligent mission-critical measurement sensors and mesh network interoperability across multi-domain operational environments.
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Powering Real-Time Situational Awareness

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