"My Kagwerks Slide Release is scratching my slide, is that normal?"

A little bit of scratching is normal, but there should not be any gouging. If you are seeing excessive gouging, please remove the slide release and gently bend it outwards. Do NOT file down your slide release. These are 100% inspected with check gauges and require a certain thickness of the material to maintain performance.

"Will your slide release work with my Glock that has aftermarket parts?"

Short answer... maybe. There are tons of tolerances stacking up and due to the nature of the raised slide release, the tolerances are even more critical. Most of the guns our guys run do have aftermarket parts and work totally fine. However, if you are unfamiliar with how to dismantle and maintain your firearm, we recommend taking your gun to a local Glock Armorer to have them inspect any issues that you do encounter. We are unable to accurately trace issues to non-OEM parts without physically being there.

"My slide release is not working, what do I do?"

  1. The first things to check are for proper installation. Make sure that the spring is installed properly and not binding within the frame. Uninstall and reinstall the slide release carefully to see if that does anything.
  2. Make sure to take as many pictures as possible so that we can further diagnose any issues you might have.